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"It forced me to dive within me and look at things with real intent. It led me to think, feel, process almost my whole life :)"

"Great program! I have already recommended it to several friends! Clear, concise, visionary yet grounded and practical tips and guidance."

You're Invited on a 30 Day Journey
To Discover the U You're Meant to Be

The Expedition Begins Tuesday, Sept 5th, 2017

Your Unique Purpose Comes Into Crystal-Clear Focus . . .
As You Receive these 11 Modules Over the Next 30 days.

So . . . What's The Missing Link?

"Ken you have a great way of getting information across - plenty of compassion and just enough humor! I liked that you brought so many aspects of self-discovery together in one place, with the view to use that information to find your unique purpose."

In a word:     PURPOSE

But not just any purpose.

YOUR Purpose

Your  UNIQUE  Purpose . . .

"It is informative, logical, in proper sequence and well thought out and thoroughly commendable Sir. I am very grateful to you for providing me with this course. Thank you and may many others be granted this privilege."

Your purpose is as unique as the DNA you were born with.

And just as your DNA is programmed with genetic codes that serve as a blueprint for your body . . .

"The course came into my life at just the right time, when I was floundering and depressed. I received some wonderful insights and I slowly rose out of the depression."

You also have an "energetic blueprint" that contains the codes and patterns of your purpose.

This energetic blueprint is a template of your unique gifts and potential . . .

Your Super Powers, if you will . . . the specific tools and abilities that are naturally yours to create an extraordinary life.

I refer to this as the "Missing Link" because...

Until a strong link has been established with your unique purpose, the results you get from the Law of Attraction or any other sort of goal achievement or manifestation process will be impotent by comparison because of a disconnect with your authentic power source.

Yet, when you align with your energetic purpose template . . .

It's like going from dial up to high-speed broadband.

You feel like you're suddenly plugged into an Infinite power source that allows you to be a virtual super-conductor that naturally attracts all the resources, ideas, people and support to become the U you always knew deep inside that you were.

"The New U Now helped me to find my unique gift and understand how I can use this to make myself happier. Although I am currently still in my old job and life, I am using this gift to help family, friends and colleagues. I know what I will do with my gift in the future and am so excited! And it is all thanks to The New U Now. Thank you!"

And as that happens, your entire life shifts and evolves into something magical.

Purpose fills the empty void and gives you a personal center of Gravity that the Universe responds to and people around you can sense.

It's a real and palpable experience.

One of the most compelling advantages of being connected to your unique purpose is that it allows you to . . .

Experience your life as extraordinary NOW - in the present moment - as opposed to striving for goals which are perpetually in the future.

So, how do you align with your energetic purpose template so that you can release and direct all your potential in the most meaningful and rewarding ways possible?

Well, first you  have to really want to know what your unique purpose is.

And secondly, you might be surprised to know that your unique purpose is revealed through all the clues - or the footprints - that your energetic purpose template has already left for you to discover.

You just need to know where to look for them. Then you'll easily find them. And you'll know your purpose.

That's what I'm offering you today.

For the next 30 days, I'm going to show you where to find the clues and then how to pull them together so that your unique purpose is revealed or confirmed to you in an undeniable way.

"The value of this program is in the understanding of who you really are and the acceptance of that truth."

"I, who have been committed to my own and others' evolution for a long time, found The New U course illuminating, valuable and easy to do. It gave me a new way in to understanding myself that was palpable. I now know more about myself in real ways that won't disappear. Thank you."

This is a process that I put together for myself about 15 ago - after years of struggle and frustration.

And it's THE single biggest determining factor for turning my life around and finally having the life I knew was possible.

And it's had similar results with hundreds of others.

And I know it will do the same for you too as long as you're really ready for it.

See you on the inside :-)

Ken Herbert

"Do you sincerely want to live the life you were born to live...spending each day is ecstatic bliss...happy, peaceful, joyful and fulfilled? Then run...don't walk...and subscribe to this course. You might just get what your soul has been longing for all this time. Its life changing to say the least..."

"So far, this is the best self-help program I've experienced. It is systematic, yet flexible and complete."

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